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Matrxx Fitness: How To Enroll In Virtual Group Exercise Classes

Enrollment into a class can easily be done on the Matrxx Fitness mobile app or by using your computer at and can be done 24hrs in advance. These classes are done through ZOOM so please install zoom before enrolling into a class (

To Enroll in a class using

  1. Log onto

First time users: (call ABC Members Services if you are unsure of your email address on file at the club or need any assistance with retrieving your membership number: 888-827-9262)

  • create an account by clicking on “Register” (members can retrieve agreement number by clicking “Retrieve Agreement Number”)
  • enter email address on file at the club
  • your agreement number will be emailed to you
  • click on “sign in” (top right corner)
  • enter your agreement number, name, & zip code & click on “continue”
  • enter your email address & create a User Name & Password & click “register”
  • click “sign in” to enroll in a virtual group exercise class
  1. After signing into, click on “classes” and click on “enroll” for the class you would like to attend (enrollment will not open until 24hrs prior to the class start time).
  2. After registering for “Virtual” class, an email will be immediately sent confirming your registration which will include the zoom link for your participation.
  3. In addition, a zoom link will be sent via text message 15 mins prior to the class (If the zoom link is not sent via text, please call ABC Member Services at 888-827-9262 and ask them to turn on your “text notifications” on your account.

To Enroll in a class using Matrxx Fitness mobile app:

  1. Log onto the mobile app

First time users: (Email: if you need assistance)

  • GO TO: App Store (Apple) / Play Store (Android)
  • Add location: CLICK “Allow” while using this App
  • CLICK “Log In /Sign-Up” Enter your email address (Egym account email address is the same as your Matrxx Fitness email address on file with the club. Call ABC Member Services if needed for your email address at 888-827-9262)
  • CLICK Continue
  • Type in “matrxxfitness” as your “Name/Code”
  • Next Step “Set Up”: enter your Personal information & Password
  • Next Step: CLICK “Create an Account” at the bottom of the screen
  • To scan into the club, click the top right corner square scan button and enter your barcode (if needed, call ABC Member Services at 888-827-9262). Enter a 4 digit # (cannot use zero as first #)


  1. CLICK “Gym” listed at the bottom of the screen
  2. CLICK “Classes – view schedule” at the top of the screen
  3. CLICK “enroll” next to the class you are interested in taking and an email will be sent to you with the zoom link for your participation (enrollment will not open until 24hrs prior to the class start time)